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Duncan takes on Charlie DeSalvo to prove he's good enough at martial arts to work out at the dojo. Dawson tells Duncan that Quenten Barnes is free and killing mortals, but Duncan refuses to get involved. Then Duncan's old friend Michael Moore turns up, determined to take Barnes' head. In flashback, Michael was unable to save his mortal girlfriend Jeanette. Barnes beats Duncan to the priest who attended his execution, as Duncan tries frantically to prevent more killings.
Joe Dawson informs Duncan that an immortal named Quenten Barnes, who was arrested for murder and given the electric chair 33 years ago, has returned to kill all the people responsible for sending him to jail. Dawson wants Duncan to find Barnes and stop him, but Duncan still doesn't trust him, and he doesn't want to get involved. With the arrival of Duncan's old friend Michael Moore, whose wife was murdered years ago by Barnes, Duncan agrees to help find Barnes and kill him. Also, Duncan meets Charlie DeSalvo when he spars with him at DeSalvo's gym.
Ya like the Character Charlie, he added something to the show, also the dojo which becomes home. Funny stuff with the &quot;invitation&quot; and Richie&#39;s slight confusion as to what it is, turns into a who, and his shoulda seen a movie, to sitting there watching, maybe smirking too, course Mac &quot;wins&quot; sorta after all, a few hundred yrs experience, but does end up down once as Joe is back, some new building going up, graves and missing an executed body of Quentin Barns, a very nasty immortal, part of Macs past, and those who were involved are being killed, and or the surviving family members. Mac asks why Joe is telling him, he not a cop, and hey why doesn&#39;t Joe and company stop him…the we don&#39;t get involved, uh is as telling Mac bout it.<br/><br/>Another old friend, Micheal, comes along, says name Barns, as Barns killed Jeanette thinks he needs to take care of it, and the flashback, interesting, esp Mac &quot;touching hand&quot; of someone there who well needed it…Does end up calling Joe to get info, gets to the &quot;father&quot; who was at Barns execution too late, finds Micheal, has Mac promise to &quot;take care of Barns&quot; if he cant, Mac agrees.<br/><br/>Interesting though an immortal with split personality, this only epi with it, so very rare with immortals that wondering if Micheal/Barns only one, hmm was Micheal the &quot;1st&quot; personality and how was/did Barns appear? We never find out. Micheal did not know till the end, and did not want to live with it (actually don&#39;t think he could have as Barns was evil and Micheal wasn&#39;t) and Mac did promise to finish it, Micheal needed peace.<br/><br/>Love the shirtless AP…Joe lost a friend, did he not know Mac did too ? till Mac says to him I did too ? Hmmm Joe, knows all about Mac, just didn&#39;t put it together till Mac &quot;I did too&quot; my thinking, as Joe may know all or most but cant &quot;feel&quot; what it is like to be Mac..,

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